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Dates for upcoming Webinars 

June / July 2020 
Through June and July we will be holding a series of 7 webinars relating to topical workplace issues. 
7 WEBINARS - FOR A ONE-OFF PRICE OF £50 (plus vat) or individually £10.00. 
4th June 2020 - Is Redundancy Necessary? 
The first in this series of 7. 
In this webinar we will 
- Look at the alternatives 
- Understand the process, and the costs 
- Discuss how to manage the employees going, and the employees staying within the business. 
11th June 2020 - Contracts and Making Changes 
Bringing employees back to work after furlough may mean changes to their contracts. In this webinar we will: 
- Explain how to introduce change 
- What happens if an employee refuses to accept change(s) 
- Discuss the possible repercussions f getting it wrong. 
18th June 2020 - Managing Sickness Absence 
In this webinar we will look at 
- When is it “long term” sickness 
- Should managers contact employees during periods of absence. 
- Recognizing mental health issues causing absence 
And we will discuss the return to work or options for moving on. 
2nd July 2020 - Flexible Working and Home Working 
During the Covid-19 pandemic we have all been asked to work at home where we can. Flexible working and/or working from home is likely to become a different normal in the future. 
- What are the responsibilities of the Employer and Employee 
- How will you differentiate between those who you allow to work flexibly or at home and those you want to attend the workplace, and 
- What are the direct and indirect discriminations you need to carefully consider and avoid. 
9th July 2020 - Employee or Worker? 
In this important topic we will discuss: 
- What is the difference 
- Who decides if a worker should be off-payroll or on payroll 
- When to use a contract of employment or a contract of service. 
Since 6th April 202 all workers must have a statement of terms and conditions on day 1 of employment. 
16th July 2020 - Workplace Policies 
Every organisation is required to have a number of specific policies in place. 
Many organisations create extra policies for their workforce to live by, to ensure good working practices. 
In this webinar we will discuss the policies that all employers must have in place, and the nice to haves, and then the consequences of not having good, clear Policies. 
We will also discuss 
- The importance of managers using the policies to hold employees and workers to account 
- How workers know about the policies and when changes are made and 
- Reflections that remind us we need new policies. 
23rd July 2020 - Whistleblowing 
The last webinar in the series will be about the rights of an individual to report any business malpractice. 
- What will you do, and who will deal, with an allegation of malpractice, 
- What protection does an employee have when whistleblowing 
- Do you understand the meaning of Protected Disclosure and a Protected Act. 
7 WEBINARS - FOR A ONE-OFF PRICE OF £50 (plus vat). 
Reserve your place by emailing info@christinethomasltd.com or 
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