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Employee Engagement 
Are your employees Promoters or Detractors? 
Fact: Engaged employees help to maximise organisational advantage; engagement has direct, demonstrable impacts on productivity and performance that translates into financial results. 
It is important employees feel part of the company and know that the work they do is valued. 
Line managers can have massive impact on engagement when displaying leadership traits. 
“It is important for people to know what you stand for , it is equally important they know what you won’t stand for”. 
Engaged Employees: 
- work with a passion and feel a connection with the business 
“People often ask for criticsm when what connection to the business they really want is praise” 
- they understand their role in achieving the goals of the organisation, and 
- they help drive innovation 
However disengaged employees aren’t just unhappy at work they show their lack of commitment whenever they can whether that be towards their peers or customers. 
Everyday these workers undermine what their engaged co-workers accomplish. 
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