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HR Advice and Managing People Seminars & Workshops 
Exciting, innovative, practical workshops and seminars giving you the skills and knowledge for managing people. Suitable for small business owners, supervisors, managers and HR administrators. 
Limited numbers to encourage participation and more personal tuition 
Expert trainers 
Discounted prices for more than one booking (workshop or delegate) 
Each candidate will receive a reference manual which includes hints, tips and practical suggestions 
Ref: 001A - Setting the Ground Rules 
(Contracts and Policies) 
This 1/2 day workshop is designed to give delegates an understanding of the requirements for the Employment Contract and its relevant policies, plus an understanding of explicit and implicit terms, and when and how contracts can be changed. 
Ref: 003A - Now It’s Formal 
(Disciplinary, Grievance & Appeals 
Getting these procedures correct is fundamental in avoiding claims to the Employment Tribunal. 
In this 1 day workshop delegates will learn how to carry out formal hearings effectively and professionally; deal with correspondence and understand the relevant legal requirements. 
Ref: 005A - Team Re-Organisation 
(Redundancies and TUPE) 
In any progressive business change is inevitable. Redundancy impacts the whole team. 
In this 1/2 day seminar delegates will learn how to manage the transfers; how to manage a redundancy selection process; how to consult effectively and how to rebuild the team. Where relevant they will also understand the legal requirements of Transfer of Undertaking (TUPE). 
Ref: 007A - Right Person … Right Job 
Following this 1/2 day seminar delegates will understand the legal processes around recruitment. They will be able to created job descriptions and person specifications. 
They will understand the different types of interviewing and have an appreciation of psychometric and other systems available to ensure the skills, competencies and personalities will integrate within the current team. 
Ref: 009A - Diversity 
When anyone is made to feel “different” there is potential for disharmony. Delegates who attend this seminar will understand their responsibilities to be sensitive and non-discriminatory; the legal frameworks and the potential consequences of getting it wrong. 
Ref: 002A - Keeping it Fair 
(Workplace Investigations) 
A 1 day workshop where delegates will learn how to carry out a full investigation into workplace issues. They will become familiar with the questioning techniques, collecting evidence, recognising body language and preparing reports. 
Ref: 004A - Absence makes the heart grow fonder … Does it? 
(Managing short/long term absence) 
Absense from the workplace can have a negative effect on colleagues. Delegates attending this 1 day seminar will understand how to manage absent employees, return to work interviews, how to measure absence fairly and is a condition a disability. We will also cover Maternity, Paternity and other family-friendly issues. 
Ref: 006A - Getting them to where they have not been … yet! 
(Improving Performance) 
This 1/2 day seminar will ensure delegates understand the performance management review process; how to set agreed objectives, review and manage the individual through constructive conversation, having regard to the legal implications of best practices and building high-performance teams 
Ref: 008A - How to Speak So Others Listen 
We all have preferred methos of communication and behaviours. UNderstanding the styles of customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees enables us to create a harmonious environment. 
Delegates will appreciate the benefits of staff and customer engagement. This 1/2 day seminar will also provide an introduction to DiSC profiling, enabling delegates to identify and understand the behaviours and preferences of their team members. 
Other training events include: 
Conducting productive meetings 
Time management and personal productivity 
Managing change 
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